Sacramento Tweed Ride Fall 2014 Details!

Meet: McKinley Park, Rose Garden (Alhambra & H Street side) at 10am, ride departs at 11:00.

Stop 1: Ella McClatchy Library – lemonade (provided)

Stop 2: Camp Pollock – picnic lunch (do pack a lunch)

Stop 3: Old Sacramento – Back Door Lounge – We will be live tweeting our whereabouts on Twitter at: @SacTweedMore: We will be meeting at the McKinley Park Rose Garden, which is a stunning place for a stunning boutonniere. DIY Video here:

Fun news! After leaving the McKinley Park Rose Garden, Sacramento Tweed Ride Fall 2014′s first stop will be at the Ella K. McClatchy Friends Public Library. Please join uson the back patio for a refreshing lemonade.

Remember to pack your picnic lunch to enjoy at Camp Pollock, Sacramento Tweed Ride Fall 2014′s second stop after leaving the McKinley Park Rose Garden, and the Ella K. McClatchy Friends Public Library.

There will be plenty to see at our final stop, Old Sacramento, which will conclude our Fall Ride. For those who want to celebrate, the Back Door Lounge will be expecting us. For those with children, there will be fun options all around!

The Fall Tweed Ride is Almost Here!

Please join us for the fall 2014 Tweed Ride!

When: Saturday Nov 15th
Time: Meet at 10:30 depart at 11
Location: McKinley Park (Alhambra & H Street)
in the rose garden street side.


A poem of Harris Tweed written by Janet Hunter

I met a man in Harris Tweed

As I walked down the Strand;

I turned and followed him like a dog

The breath of hill and sea and bog

That clung about that coat of brown,

And suddenly, in London Town,

I heard again the Gaelic speech,

The scrunch of keel on shingly beach;

The traffic’s never-ending roar

Come plangent from a shining shore;

I saw the little lochs where lie

The lilies, white as ivory;

And tumbling down the rocky hills

Came scores of little foaming rills,

I saw the crofter bait his line,

The children herding yellow kine,

The barefoot woman with her creel,

The washing-pot, the spinning wheel,

The mounds thrown up by patient toil,

To coax the corn from barren soil.

With buoyant step I went along

Whistling a Hebridean song

That Iain Og of Taransay

Sang one enchanted day.

I was a man renewed indeed

Because I smelt that Harris Tweed

As I went down the Strand.

Spring Tweed Ride is Right Around the Corner!

The Festivities shall commence at East Portal Park, located at 1120 Rodeo Way, near L Street, at the Most Respectable hour of 10 (ante meridiem) This Saturday May the 10th.
Inquiring minds may ask, why, Sirs, do you insist upon 10 A.M.? To this we shall reply, that after a Most Thorough and Scientifically Sound analysis of the Diurnal habits of the Native Tweed Rider (Herringbonius Velocopedus), our Team of Experts have determined that they require increased social interaction, along with the quaffing of a plethora of potables and a variety of victuals. As Naturalists, we desire to create as close to a Natural Habitat for these delicate creatures as possible. With this in mind, we propose that the Tweed Ride should begin with a Brunch Picnic! The picnic will last from 10 A.M -12 P.M. and give those slightly more Nocturnally-inclined individuals of the species time to catch up with us. So please BYOB (Brunch)!
From 12 P.M – 1 P.M., we shall ride like the wind!
Well… a Slow, Polite, and Jolly Wind, anyway.
Our Great Adventure shall conclude around 1 P.M in Fremont Park. Not-So-Coincidentally the very same location and time that Check-in begins for Ride and Seek, the Bicycle Treasure Hunt, as well as the Bicycle Swap, and the Bicycle Film Festival! It’s also in close proximity to our Dear Friends at Hot Italian!
Isn’t it amazing how these things work out??
In addition to these Natural Wonders, a special Prize of Achievement shall be awarded to the Brave and Intrepid Soul who attempts to participate in ALL THE BICYCLE EVENTS of the day! The proceeds of which shall be donated to the Home for Wayward Orphans afflicted with that dread disorder known as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).
Yours Truly and Sincerely,
Miss Xenobia BumblyButton

Post-scriptorium: As always, the Tweed Ride is absolutely Gratis (free)! The Ride and Seek Event prices are listed at their website: . Trust us, it’s worth it!

Drum roll, please…
There’s a crisp edge to the air as the faintest hints of Fall are upon us…time to break out the Tweed and join us Saturday, September 28th for the Fall Tweed Ride!
Because the Sacramento Fall Tweed ride will serendipitously coincide with Farm to Fork Week, we are planning on adding a little local fare into our bike baskets!
We will meet at 11 am in Southside Park (at the corner of 8th and T).
…Did we mention that some of the best cappuccinos in Sacramento are mere seconds away at Insight Coffee Roasters? Indeed. You might want to plan on stopping there to fuel up with a cuppa before the ride!
After some meet-and-greet pleasantries, we will be winding our way towards the Midtown Farmers’ Market to pick up any picnic perishables to add to our scrumptious spread of goodies. Once we’re fully stocked, the serious business will commence with a picnic at Crocker Park, across from the Crocker Art Museum.
After the family friendly picnic has put a little strain on those Tweed jacket buttons, we will head to the Starlight for an after-lunch digestif or two.
For the brave-of-liver still game for more, we will end our day at the Bonn Lair Pub for a consummately English hour of pints and darts!
We hope to see you there!

Thank you!

Thanks to all who participated in the Spring Tweed Ride!
We had a fantastic time and got some great inspiration for the next ride! Oh, and did I mention that in between being the Tweeder-in-charge and herding cats, Brian Clifton took about 1000 pictures?? Stay tuned for a selection of the best of them…
If you haven’t already signed up for our email list, please do so that we can send you details about the next Tweed ride. You can also find out details and see fabulous pictures on our Facbook page:!/groups/534956886520489/
Thank you to Bill Maynard at the Fremont Community Garden, Doughbots Donuts and Old Soul coffee for their generous donations, the Back Door Lounge, Matt at Camp Pollock, and Hot Italian! :-)

Spring Tweed Ride Details

Right-o! The following is a Tweed Service Announcement:

The countdown has begun! Only 4 more days until The Sacramento Spring Tweed Ride! We can’t wait to see what dashing duds and swanky swag you’ve come up with. Of course we want to remind you that the point of the adventure is not what you wear…but rather HOW you wear it. Same goes for your mode of transportation!

As you may already know, our adventure begins with a guided tour of the Fremont Community Gardens, led by Bill Maynard.  Bill Maynard is a Sacramento County Master Gardener, a volunteer Master Gardener for the Sacramento County Cooperative Extension, the Community Garden Program Coordinator for the City of Sacramento Department of Parks and Recreation Community Garden, Founder of the Sacramento Area Community Garden Coalition, and the Vice-President of the American Community Gardening Association.  For more Garden info, visit:!/FremontCommunityGarden?fref=ts

After some Spring Garden inspiration, we will head to…

…Old Sacramento, specifically the Backdoor Lounge, a fixture with a long Sacramento history. Those who don’t want visit the Lounge might wish to pick up some last minute Snacks or Accessories around Old Sac. We’ll have an hour to wander about and do just that. For more info on everything the Old Sacramento has to offer, visit:

Then it’s off to…

 … Camp Pollock!  We have officially reserved the Camp Pollock picnic area, located along the beautiful Lower American River Parkway. There are picnic tables and bathrooms on site, and we have the option to use the historic 1924 Lodge should the weather turn…unfavorable. Then again… tweed IS waterproof…

For more info on this historic and super nifty place, visit:

And did I mention that we are also lucky enough to have the Addisons Originals Food Truck meeting us there at 1:30pm? Just for people who don’t want to pack their own picnics but still packed an appetite.

To see their tantalizing menu, visit:

From Camp Pollock we will meander back to end our day at Hot Italian for libations. For their lists of Libations and Delicacies, visit:


This concludes the Tweed Service Announcement, wot wot.


Spring Tweed Ride: April 6th 2013


It’s time to shine up those spats, dust off your jodphurs and iron out that Tweed!
The Tweed Ride will meet at the Fremont Community Gardens, located at 14th and Q St., at 10 AM, with a garden tour offered at 10:45. If you need some inspiration for your own garden, or are interested in renting a plot, here’s your chance!

Departure is planned for 11:15 AM.